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Lacking Curiosity

The hallmark of our low intelligence, lack of curiosity keeps us stuck in our present level of knowledge. We know just enough to get by in the world. We don’t ask questions and are satisfied with where we are intellectually.

Lacking Intellectual Humility

Intellectual humility means accepting you don’t know what you don’t know. Curiosity and intellectual humility are the engines of intellectual growth. Therefore, to be clear, we're fucking idiots with weapons.



Being closed to new ideas, opinions and information keeps low-intelligence us stuck where we are. We have a tendency to confirm our pre-existing beliefs. Hence, we cannot learn new things.

No Interest

In Learning

Being low with intelligence we mostly see learning as a waste of time. We don’t even have the intelligence to see how learning can benefit us. 

    Avoid Thinking

    Low-intelligence people avoid thinking when we can. We always need to be told exactly what to do and won’t use our own minds. Put us in a novel situation where we’re required to think on our feet and watch us crumble.

    Black & White


    Low intelligence people are masters of black-and-white thinking. We only seem to think in terms of opposites, ignoring the grey areas in between. Reality is often too complex to be interpreted in opposites.



    Low intelligence people are consistently unable to overcome our desire for instant gratification. We frequently turn a blind eye to the long-term consequences of our present behaviors.

    Poor Decision


    We all make poor decisions from time to time. But us low intelligence people consistently fail to weigh the pros and cons of our decisions.

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